Our newest creation, “This Ain’t Normal” gives voice to the unsung heroes and mentors of our community, who are fully committed to the Sisyphean mission of bringing about real change in the lives of young men involved in gang activity.  Reflective of a national dilemma, the film chronicles the stories in the voice of the most vulnerable faction of the “Black Lives Matter” population, young men from neighborhood crews in Roxbury, Dorchester, South End, Mattapan, who come from challenging family circumstances and lack access to basic resources, educational and employment opportunities, as they struggle in their day-to-day lives, and seek brotherhood in each other.

This Ain't Normal trailer:

Excerpt from This Ain’t Normal. Spoken Word Poem by Donnell Singleton:

Our Stories, Giving Voice

Kreateabuzz Documentary Films creates documentary feature films that give voice to stories that have ostensibly been ignored or marginalized. Often some of the well-known feature films depicting Boston do not reflect the full breadth of experiences of the diverse residents and neighborhoods of the city. The award winning “PUSH: Madison versus Madison” film, shown nationally on ESPN Classic, PBS and Aspire cable networks, depicts the educational and social challenges facing the athletes, coaches, teachers and students in a Boston vocational high school in Roxbury.